Summary of Breeding Season and Plans for Fall

Chimney swifts maintained a daily presence in Geneseo over the summer months. Our observations suggest a likely nest located near Main Street and University Drive. Although swifts were seen occasionally in other areas in and around Geneseo, we did not observe any other evidence of nesting.

Chimney swifts have already begun their journey back to their wintering grounds in South America. A few stragglers remain for now, perhaps some migrants passing through from breeding grounds farther north. The last swifts of the season are expected to disappear from Western New York over the next few weeks.

While the swifts are enjoying their vacation in the Amazon rainforest, the Geneseo Chimney Swift Project will be busy preparing for their return. New students have already joined us for the Fall semester, and one of our immediate goals is to construct our first nesting tower. The tower will be about 14 feet in height, and will likely be located on the SUNY Geneseo campus. We’re currently looking for a good site, and navigating the process of obtaining permission to build.

Check back again over the next few months as we provide updates on our progress!

Chimney swifts have returned to Geneseo!

Yesterday afternoon, for the first time this year, I heard the distinctive chitter chatter of chimney swifts in the skies over Geneseo!

The swifts have returned from their wintering grounds in South America and will soon be choosing nesting sites in our area. Some may continue their spring journey farther northward, while others may choose to spend the summer here in Geneseo. Soon students in the Geneseo Chimney Swift Project will begin monitoring the swifts to locate their nesting sites on and around campus.