2011 English department awards and scholarships

We’re pleased to announce this year’s winners of department awards and scholarships. We’ll be celebrating these formally in the Walter Harding Lounge, Welles 111, on May 4 at 2 p.m.

Writing Awards

Critical Essay

  • 1st Place: William Porter, “Coleridge and Keats Look at a Nightingale”
  • 2nd Place: Elizabeth Barber, “ ‘Command your price’: The Commodification of the Family Relationship in ‘Eumaeus’”
  • 3rd Place: Cailin Kowalewski, “Knowledge and Identity in Paradise Lost”
  • Honorable Mention: Justine Rosen, “One with the Land: A Disintegration into Nature”

Freshman Writing

  • 1st Place: Gregory Palermo, “Mommy, My Teacher is a Dictator”
  • 2nd Place: David Park, “RAF – An Unnerving Past”
  • 3rd Place: Chris Kenny, “The Poet Soon To Be Eight”

Creative Non-fiction

  • 1st Place Co-winner: Kate Jordhamo, “Exhumation”
  • 1st Place Co-winner: William Porter, “On Returning to First Reflections of a First Funeral”
  • 2nd Place: Alicia Goodwin, “Saying Goodbye to Hopedale”
  • 3rd Place: Bridget Dunn, “Cloudy-ish”


  • 1st Place: Elizabeth Sackett, “Fifteen Things to do at an Airport”
  • Bridget Dunn: “Breath”
  • Bridget Adams: “Fields”
  • Honorable Mention: Meghan Pipe, “Litany”


  • 1st Place: Yael Massen, “Acoustics in the Night”
  • 2nd Place: Bridget Adams, “Martyn Died in a Train Accident on New Year’s”
  • 3rd Place Co-winner: Gabrielle Gosset, “Poem Puddles and Comma Drops”
  • 3rd Place Co-winner: Wyatt Mentzinger, “NYU Suicide”
  • Mention: Katherine Russell, “first”

Graduating Senior Awards

  • William T. Beauchamp Literature Award: Meghan Pipe
  • Patricia Conrad Lindsay Memorial Award: Katherine Hart
  • Rita K. Gollin Award for Excellence in American Literature: Kathryn Strickland (F ‘10, Sp ‘11)
  • Calvin Israel Award in the Humanities: Brittney Walker
  • Joseph M. O’Brien Memorial Award: Fiona Harvey
  • Rosalind R. Fisher Memorial Award for Outstanding Student Teaching in English: Kellie Fairchild

Department Scholarships

  • Natalie Selser Freed Memorial Scholarship: Shea Frazier
  • Rita K. Gollin Senior Year Scholarship for Excellence in American Literature: William Porter
  • Rita K. Gollin Junior Year Scholarship for Excellence in American Literature: Justine Rosen
  • Hans Gottschalk Award: Emily Olmstead
  • Joseph M. O’Brien Transfer Scholarship: Gabrielle Gosset
  • Don Watt Memorial Scholarship: Stasia Monteiro

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