English Department Announces 2017 Writing Contest Winners

The English Department announced the winners of the annual Writing Contest for analytical and creative writing. Winners of the Writing Contest were recognized at the Department’s annual award ceremony held on Study Day. The Writing Contest is college-wide and students from all majors are encouraged to submit their analytical and creative writing for recognition.

2017 Annual Writing Contest Winners:

The Jerome de Romanet de Beaune Award in Diversity Studies                                      

 1st    Jes Heppler, “Monogamy as Morally Suspect: How Beliefs Uphold Unjust Institutions

2nd  Marissa Bellusci, “Sign Systems in The Third Policeman: Implications of Language that Excludes the Disabled”

3rd   William Antonelli, “Changing the World in One-Hundred-Forty Characters or Less”

The John H. Parry Award in Critical Essay

1st     Erik Mebust, “Who is Satan: A Rhetorical Question”

2nd   Co-winners Joshua DeJoy, “Deus, sive Natura: Substance and Determinism in Spinoza’s Ethics” and  Zachary Muhlbauer, “Mimesis in The Garden: A Marvellian Satire of Pastoral Poetry”

The Agnes Rigney Award in Drama                                                                                      

Marlo Seskin, “On the Rocks”

The Irene Smith Award in First-Year Critical Writing: INTD 105                          

Jasmine Cui, “(Un)Broken”

Research Paper                                                                                                                        

1st     Zachary Muhlbauer, “‘In the Stateless German Night:’ Disaster Capitalism and Gravity’s Rainbow”

2nd    Anthony Ferrari, “The Pastoral Utopia and Androgyny in Matisse’s Le Bonheur de Vivre”

3rd    Corinne Shanahan, “Double-Speak, Double-Eat: Misleading Food Advertisements and Their Influence on Obesity in America”

Creative Non-Fiction                                                                                                              

Hannah Fabiny, “A Week in Biloxi”

The Lucy Harmon Award in Literary Fiction                                                                          

1st     Morgan Staub, “The Scene at Blue Pine Ridge”

2nd   Ian Beckman, “The Memory Man”

3rd    Rachel Britton, “Bare”

The Mary A. Thomas Award in Poetry

1st     Kallie Swyer, “Letter from NASA to Steve Hawley, After the Divorce”

2nd   Jasmine Cui, “Out of Water”

3rd   Evan Goldstein, “At Midnight in Corktown, A Family Lights Fireworks”

Africana / Black Studies Papers

Analytical Essay: Sean Welch, “Stars, Slaughter, and Hope”

Collaborative Essay: Malachy Dempsey, Sara Feinland, Brendan Mahoney, and Jeanmarie Ryan “The War on the War on Drugs: Its Policies, Its Flaws, and Its Solutions”

Research Paper: Stella Oduro, “Geneseo’s Diversity Efforts and its Missing Link”