Student Success and Retention

The decision to continue one’s pursuit of higher education is influenced by a multitude of factors in the personal and academic realms. It comes of no surprise that the role of faculty plays a primary part in shaping the degree to which students feel connected, or integrated, to academic life at their institution of choice. At Geneseo, where the retention of Knights between their first and second years is a Wildly Important Goal, our faculty hear often about the importance of regular, timely, and graded feedback. This post is, to some extent, an exception.

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What is Instructional Design?

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An internet search for What is Instructional Design? returns over 110 million results. The most relevant websites are hosted by colleges encouraging faculty to leverage the expertise of instructional design professionals. Perhaps you have a difficult time describing the value of Instructional Design. Let’s explore how instructional design can benefit your new and existing courses.

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Commons Craze

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The Canvas Commons is a learning object repository that enables educators to find, import, and share resources. We think of the Commons as a digital library where faculty can store content privately, find materials shared by other Canvas users, and share content with others.

The recent Commons updates are crazy good! If you have not yet used the Commons, this is a good time to try some of the new features:

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Academic Integrity in the Online Testing Environment

As faculty prepare their assessments (called quizzes in Canvas) to be delivered online, we are frequently asked for help with preventing cheating by students. There is no way (in class or online) to guarantee that students aren’t cheating, but there are various ways you can make your quizzes more secure.

Our advice covers three aspects:

  1. Ensuring students are aware of the College’s Academic Dishonesty Policy
  2. Creating Canvas quizzes with settings that maximize security
  3. Utilizing a custom browser (Respondus LockDown) that locks a testing environment within Canvas
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Hello Geneseo!

This blog is supported by your colleagues in CIT’s Educational Technologies with a goal of providing a meaningful insight into the intersection of pedagogy and technology. We hope to explore facets of education and technology going on both in the world abroad and locally at Geneseo. Hopefully, you will find the material to come interesting and useful. If not, let us know what you would like to hear about!

To clear up any confusion in advance, this site is not intended to be tech support. Yes, we are housed within CIT, but, desktop support issues can be best addressed through our HelpDesk or by putting in a Ticket. We’re about solving different types of problems. While much of what we hope talk about will relate to our Learning Management System’s use in one fashion or another, questions and concerns of a technical nature are best addressed by emailing your Canvas Support Team or visiting our many Self-Help Guides on the topic. Even better, become a member of the (very active) Canvas Community!