Faculty Incentives for Intersession 2020 Instruction and Course Development

The Office of the Provost is excited to announce two new incentives for instructors who teach online in Intersession 2020. These incentives are being offered with an eye toward expanding the range and consistency of Geneseo’s intersession offerings, especially in courses that department chairs and deans have identified as “bottlenecks” to student progress in degree programs.


Tenured and tenure-track faculty, visiting faculty, and both full-time and part-time adjunct lecturers are eligible for both the section enrollment incentive and the course development incentive. To be eligible for either of these two incentives, your online course must meet certain design requirements. For details, please consult:

  • Paul Schacht, Assistant to the Provost for Digital Learning and Scholarship, or
  • Laurie Fox, Assistant Director and Manager for Educational Technology

Eligibility further requires attendance at “Intersession Innovations” on October 4th, held in Doty 302E from 2pm – 5pm. If you are unable to attend, this eligibility requirement can be fulfilled by meeting with an Instructional Designer, at least three times during the fall 2019 semester, for course design consultations.

Incentive #1: Section Enrollment

Faculty teaching a three- or four-credit online course, in Intersession 2020, enrolling eight or more students are eligible for additional compensation. This single, one-time payment is in addition to the usual intersession compensation.

Incentive #2: Course Development

Faculty who develop a complete course (i.e., syllabus, un/graded learning activities, explanatory materials) leveraging Canvas modules to guide learners through progression and share the course to the Canvas Commons under a CC-Attribution ShareAlike content license are eligible for additional compensation. Courses must be complete and published in Canvas no later than December 20, 2019. Note this incentive applies only to courses identified below:

  • ANTH-202
  • COMN-102, 103, 160, 317
  • ENVR-124
  • GEOG-102, 111, 123

Faculty may be aware of other required courses available in limited numbers during the fall and/or spring semesters (i.e., high-need) as well as those courses popular among Geneseo learners (i.e., high-demand). With the approval of their department chair, faculty are encouraged to request an exception in consideration for the course development incentive and explain how their course is high-need and/or high-demand.

Please contact Paul Schacht, Assistant to the Provost for Digital Learning and Scholarship, with your questions.

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