Hello Geneseo!

This blog is supported by your colleagues in CIT’s Educational Technologies with a goal of providing a meaningful insight into the intersection of pedagogy and technology. We hope to explore facets of education and technology going on both in the world abroad and locally at Geneseo. Hopefully, you will find the material to come interesting and useful. If not, let us know what you would like to hear about!

To clear up any confusion in advance, this site is not intended to be tech support. Yes, we are housed within CIT, but, desktop support issues can be best addressed through our HelpDesk or by putting in a Ticket. We’re about solving different types of problems. While much of what we hope talk about will relate to our Learning Management System’s use in one fashion or another, questions and concerns of a technical nature are best addressed by emailing your Canvas Support Team or visiting our many Self-Help Guides on the topic. Even better, become a member of the (very active) Canvas Community!

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