SUNY Accessibility Week, May 18-22, 2020

In a webinar series built around Global Accessibility Awareness Day on May 21st this year, the SUNY Center for Professional Development is hosting a week full of online sessions dedicated to raising awareness and skill levels for accessibility in higher education.

Click here for further details and free registration to any of the multiple sessions.

SUNY Accessibility Week Logo. Designing inclusive digital course content #accessibilitymatters

Sessions will be held around 6 themes and include the following options:

Introduction to Accessibility

  • Applying Principles of Universal Design to Support Diverse Learners
  • Introduction to Accessible Online Learning
  • Top 10 Accessibility Issues in Online Courses

Course Design & LMS

  • Incorporating Accessibility into Course Development
  • Accessible Syllabi in MS Word
  • Ally: Supporting Accessibility and Inclusive Pedagogy
  • The ABCs of Accessible Blackboard Content

Authoring Tools

  • Creating a More Accessible PowerPoint (MS Word 2016)
  • Introduction to PowerPoint Accessibility (Office 365 – MS Word 2019)
  • Creating Accessible Word Documents (MS Word 2016)
  • Creating Accessible Word Documents (Office 365 – MS Word 2019)
  • Improving PDF Accessibility

Audio/Video Tools

  • Introduction to Audio/Visual Accessibility
  • The Importance of Captioning & How It’s Done
  • Creating Captions Using YouTube
  • Adding Captioned Videos to Your Courses with Ensemble

STEM & Online Labs

  • Accessible Math: MathML, LaTeX, & Handwritten Math. How Do We Prepare Math for Text to Speech Accessibility?
  • Online STEM Lab Accessibility

Planning for Accessibility

  • What’s your Accessibility Plan for your Own Teaching
  • Accessibility: Lessons Learned and Shared Resources

All sessions will be recorded and available on the Accessibility Week Event Website.

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