#TechTipThursday: Requiring Respondus LockDown Browser

Pen with pull-out crib sheet

Offering a follow-up to our post discussing academic integrity in the online learning environment, this #TechTipThursday hones in on Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB). Focusing on the technical set-up, this post guides faculty through enabling LDB for an assessment.

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Academic Integrity in the Online Testing Environment

As faculty prepare their assessments (called quizzes in Canvas) to be delivered online, we are frequently asked for help with preventing cheating by students. There is no way (in class or online) to guarantee that students aren’t cheating, but there are various ways you can make your quizzes more secure.

Our advice covers three aspects:

  1. Ensuring students are aware of the College’s Academic Dishonesty Policy
  2. Creating Canvas quizzes with settings that maximize security
  3. Utilizing a custom browser (Respondus LockDown) that locks a testing environment within Canvas
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