The Tunnel With Windows

Photograph of sunset as seen through of SUNY Geneseo townhouse residencesThe only thing connecting South side, where I live, and the rest of campus, are the Townhouses. Walking through them, it’s almost as if I’m in a tunnel. A long stretched out, symmetrical tunnel, with one beginning and one end. The only way I know I’m outside is by looking up at the sky, looking straight ahead to see a patch of lawn grass, and the crosswalk.

One night at 7pm, I was walking back from dinner with my friends. They were well ahead of me, because I had stopped at the stairwell to my right facing an opening. Past the evenly aligned sides of the apartment walls, was a violet pink sky, making every building and shadow around purple tint. The white lines on the soccer field were pink. The normal color of every object was juxtaposed, which made me feel lucky to notice it.  Now that the sun is setting later, and the sky is much darker, I was lucky enough to acknowledge and capture this moment in time. From what I thought was a tunnel of destination, turned into a window of openness to color, light, and admiration of my surroundings.          — Samantha