The Enlightenment of Sports

This past weekend, my girlfriend and I attended the Geneseo Women’s Soccer game against Brockport in the College Stadium. I wanted to attend this game due to the fact a friend from my hometown plays on the Brockport Women’s Soccer team. It was a nice experience to attend the game and watch her play. The Geneseo College Stadium is one of my favorite places to go on campus, because when I watch sporting events (especially soccer) it makes me feel energetic and happy. The atmosphere in the stadium is so enlightening: everyone there has some type of enjoyment for sports as I do.

As I watched the women’s soccer game, a very cold breeze came upon us and made my girlfriend and I very chilly. The cold breeze made our teeth clatter together throughout the game; the wind was very strong and made the trees around the stadium sway back and forth. As the game went on I realized that none of this mattered, sitting in a cold stadium and watching the ball going back and forth between both teams. It made think of when I used to play soccer on cold November afternoons in damp and cold weather. While watching the game, I thought of nothing but my love for the game of soccer and I just wished I could be out there playing alongside them. Finally, the game came to a close, the cold breezy wind continued and–this was something unexpected–it was one of the first time this autumn it had been chilly outside and we didn’t enjoy it. Although it was a windy and chilly day, every time I go to the College Stadium I find myself focused in on the game and never on what is around me.