Network Modeling Workshop (Sunday 2/17)

Hello again Programmers! I hope your semester is going well. Our first workshop of the spring semester will be this Sunday, 2/17, in Bailey 203 at 12 pm. Dr. Hartvigsen will be going over network modeling in R. If you need help installing R and/or RStudio, please come at 11:30 am for the extra help. If you already have R and RStudio, please type the following command in the console: install.packages(“igraph”). Oh, and did I mention that there will be pizza too? Make sure you come on time to get a slice! So make sure to come to the workshop this Sunday, 2/17, in Bailey 203 at 12 (11:30). Hope to see you there!

First Meeting of the Spring Semester (2019)!

Welcome back Programmers! I hope your semesters have been going well so far. This post should have come last week, but the weather had other things in mind. So, our first meeting is instead today (Thursday February 7, 2019) in Bailey 101 at 6 pm. We’ll be going through the basics of programming for new members, but that shouldn’t discourage our more seasoned members from attending as well. It’s not like our treasurer, Rachel, will be bringing snacks or anything… So come join Programming and Data Science Club for our first meeting of the semester in Bailey 101 at 6 pm!