Tree-Based Algorithms Workshop – April 28, 2019

Hello again, Programmers! Our last workshop of the semester will be about Tree-Based Algorithms! It will be held, as usual, in Bailey 203 at 1 PM. Our former president, Joe, will be coming back to teach us about Tree-Based Algorithms. If you’ve taken or are taking Math 240 with Dr. Baldwin, you already know what a tree is, but for those that don’t, a tree is a data structure that organizes data into nodes that start from a single root and branch out to additional nodes that can either have branches of their own (internal nodes) or have no branches and are called leaves. A good way to think about a tree is your computer’s file structure. There’s the root directory (/ for Mac/Linux or C: for Windows) which then has different paths to folders, which represent branches to other nodes (/<user>/Documents or C:\windows\system32). So come learn about algorithms based on trees April 28 at 1 PM (12:30 if you need help getting Anaconda installed) in Bailey 203. There will be doughnuts!

Networking Workshop – Sunday (4/14)

Hello there, Programmers! This Sunday, April 14, we will be holding a Networking Workshop in Bailey 204 at 1 PM. Our faculty advisor, Dr. Doug Baldwin, will be going over how to make a messaging app in Python. By the time you’re down with the workshop, you should be able to connect to another person’s computer that also has the app and talk with them. Isn’t that super cool?! Notably, this workshop is not the same as the Network Model workshop we had back in February, but the network theory part of that workshop will be put into practice here when it comes to connecting your computers. We hope to see you on Sunday (4/14) at 1 PM (12:30 PM if you need help installing things) in Bailey 204!