Tree-Based Algorithms Workshop – April 28, 2019

Hello again, Programmers! Our last workshop of the semester will be about Tree-Based Algorithms! It will be held, as usual, in Bailey 203 at 1 PM. Our former president, Joe, will be coming back to teach us about Tree-Based Algorithms. If you’ve taken or are taking Math 240 with Dr. Baldwin, you already know what a tree is, but for those that don’t, a tree is a data structure that organizes data into nodes that start from a single root and branch out to additional nodes that can either have branches of their own (internal nodes) or have no branches and are called leaves. A good way to think about a tree is your computer’s file structure. There’s the root directory (/ for Mac/Linux or C: for Windows) which then has different paths to folders, which represent branches to other nodes (/<user>/Documents or C:\windows\system32). So come learn about algorithms based on trees April 28 at 1 PM (12:30 if you need help getting Anaconda installed) in Bailey 203. There will be doughnuts!

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