About Programming & Data Science Club

The Programming and Data Science Club (PADS) seeks to provide a sense of community for the members of SUNY Geneseo community who are interested in programming, the field of computer science, and other aspects of computer science.

PADS meets Thursdays at 6 PM in Bailey 105.

Our goal is to foster an interest in programming and data science in our fellow students who do not currently have skills in these fields. In pursuit of this goal, we host workshops in addition to our regular meetings that are run by Geneseo faculty and students. These workshops generally occur on Sundays in the afternoon. There are typically 4 workshops per semester.

We welcome all members of the Geneseo community to come to our meetings and workshops to learn programming basics, seek help with programming for classes, or just discuss interesting topics in the fields of computer and data science. Our members have a wide knowledge base when it come comes to programming languages. Some of our known languages are: Python, R, C#, HTML, and MatLab.

*Funded by your mandatory student activities fee.