SUNY Geneseo Student Council for Exceptional Children

The Council for Exceptional Children is a national organization with
professional and student chapters across the country. CEC is an
organization that provides activities and programming for people of all ages with special needs as well as gifted and talented individuals. CEC also offers community awareness programs. The organization offers many opportunities for volunteers to work with children, families, and adults in the community.

At the SUNY Geneseo Council for Exceptional Children, we pride ourselves on inclusivity across all majors. We are not a club exclusive to education majors! If you love working with kids, helping the community, and want to make a difference, this is the club for you!

Why Join the Council for Exceptional Children:

– Expand knowledge of School of Education
– Participate in Special Olympics
– Engage in Pen Pal letters with local third graders
– Begin to receive resources from the National Council for Exceptional Children
– Take part in planning and running special events
– Engage with guest speakers at bi-weekly meetings