Main Street Initiative

Our intent for our Community Engagement project is to raise awareness around Main Street, both by businesses and consumers, about some important environmental issues that arise in any business model and what these businesses and consumers can do to help improve their environmental footprint. Specifically, we are hoping that businesses will reduce the non-biodegradable materials and plastic materials that they use in favor of more environmentally friendly materials. The hope is that consumers will become more aware of the harmful effects of plastic and non-biodegradable materials on the environment and realize that there are small changes they can make that will have a big impact. We partnered with the Office of Sustainability and worked as ambassadors to the Geneseo Campus and the greater Geneseo Community to help spread awareness. We will be gathering data on the responsiveness to our initiative and if people begin to cut back on their plastic use, then the Office of Sustainability can use our findings for future endeavors, especially with respect to the greater Geneseo community outside of the Geneseo campus.

Zachary McGarvey, Michael Wall, & Allyson Lenz

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