Lecture Materials

The IBIS lecture curriculum consists of 10 modules that cover foundational concepts in introductory biology. These concepts are taught in the order that is needed to address the problem(s) or question(s) of the framing scenario, rather than a conventional order that follows that of a textbook. In addition, many of these concepts are studied across modules, which provides opportunities for students to build on their knowledge and allows instructors to choose the order in which the material is covered (instructional scaffolding). The material posted for each module includes:

  • An overview of the scenario – a list of topics, and possible orders in which to explore them
  • Intended Learning Outcomes (iLO)
  • Summative assessments – exam questions are scenario-based to align with the way that students learn the content
  • The Engagement activity – videos and other media to pique the interest of students
  • Possible formative assessments – activities to help students achieve the learning objectives, including supporting media such as corresponding visual aids (the images included are free/something about creative commons here?). It is also feasible to include images from other sources or textbooks to which you have access.

All lecture materials are found below or within each module: