It is well known that the transition into college can be difficult, you miss your family and all the things attached to home. Being in a brand new place, not knowing anyone or being familiar with anything is a stressful and intimidating experience. It is easy to be consumed by all the work given to you or feel like you constantly have to be doing something or hanging out with the new friends you have made. There is barely any time to be alone and appreciate where you are in life. The thing that I really appreciate about being here at Geneseo is, although there may be a lot of work and it may be very stressful is a very pleasant environment. The times when you get to walk around and see all the nature the campus provides are very comforting. Watching a sunset as you walk home or observing the vines of ivy on the sides of the buildings as you walk to class will occasionally stop the overwhelming “to-do list” inside your head and remind you to appreciate the world around you and take a deep breath. The nature here is what gives me comfort in such a huge transition in my life, it has really shown me how important it is to notice the little things around me and remember that there are other things happening in the world other than what is happening to me.          –Devin