Some Much-Needed Time Off

Crabapples on ground near Letchworth Hall, SUNY Geneseo

As I sat outside one cool Tuesday afternoon eating my veggie burger from Letworth Dining Hall I took a deep breath knowing fall had finally begun. The sun wasn’t out but it was still warm enough to just wear a lightweight sweatshirt and some jeans.  The leaves on the trees were different shades of yellows and oranges. The brisk wind brought goose bumps to my arms and made my nose preticulary red. I watched as the multicolored leaves swayed in the trees and a few began to fall on the green grass. Next to where I sat was a crab apple tree with crab apples surrounding the ground around it. Crab apples would fall from the tree and hit the ground amongst the already fallen. Some, squashed into the cement walkway from a passerby or a stressed out college student worrying about their midterm tomorrow. It was amazing to just sit and watch everything around me not thinking about anything else. I sat there taking in the perfect weather, soft breeze, beautiful colors, and of course my veggie burger.

You can find amazing things when you stop and look around. I know it can be hard especially with all the work and stress put on us as college students but trust me it is some much needed time off. When you take the time to use all your senses and engolf yourself in that moment then you can find and experience amazing things that you never thought you would.          — Ashley