Communicating Science

Biology 384 at SUNY Geneseo

For students seeking to develop practical skills in communicating science across broad platforms. Students will be asked to think critically about science outreach strategies and actively participate in class discussions. Course topics include science writing, crafting effective presentations, matching audience and form, and using online media for science communication. The course will culminate in student-led science communication projects.

The Geneseo Element

SUNY Geneseo’s online science communication magazine, led by Kara Burke (’21).


Okeanos Explorer Onboard Scientist

Narrated telepresence ROV dives on cruise to Johnston Atoll, 2015

For live deep-sea exploration: see here!

Hook the Deep: The Hadal Zone in Fiber

Hook the Deep: Exhibit with Michelle Schwengel-Regala

Collaborative Art Installation & Public Seminar

University of Hawaii at Manoa Commons Gallery, 2015

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Deep-Sea Collection Demonstration and Q&A

Waikiki Aquarium Family Night, 2013, 2014, 2016

Expanding Your Horizons

Expanding Your Horizons Event
Deep-sea biology workshop with Expanding Your Horizons

Journey to the Deep

University of Hawaii at Manoa, 2016, 2017

Selected Blog Posts

Life in the Trenches

Getting Your Feet Wet in Deep-Sea Biology

The Little Pink Fish in the Deep