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Join the Lab!

We recruit new lab members most semesters. There are options for in-person and remote research positions. Those with strong interests in the oceans and individuals from historically excluded groups in STEM are especially encouraged to apply.

Read more about ongoing projects in the Research page.

Reach out to Dr. Gerringer at with a short statement of interest and any questions you have!

Finding an Internship in Marine Biology

Here are some links below that may be useful in your search for research experience in marine biology.

NSF offers a number of REU projects. Their database is searchable and will provide a host of options. Check out the pages for Biology or Ocean Sciences REUs.

NOAA is also a great place to look for undergraduate opportunities and beyond. Check out the NOAA Student Opportunities Database!

Join NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer or the Nautilus for internships at sea working with telepresence!

For other databases for summer internships, check out:

Marine Careers

Duke Summer Research Database

University of Chicago Summer Research Database

Marine REU Programs

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute Undergraduate Programs

MBARI Summer Internship Program

SURF Program at Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Fort Johnson REU Program: Grice Marine Lab, College of Charleston

Look abroad! For example, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program in Aachen, Germany.

Remember that applications take a long time. It’s a different style of writing than we’re used to, and talking about how great you are is not easy or comfortable for many. Have a lot of people read through your essays. Be specific and clear. Tell your story. Read through all the program materials and make sure you are addressing the points that they are looking for. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.


Making great posters…

Self Advocacy in Science

NIH Resources on putting your best foot forward in science: