A Must-See American Natural Wonder

Niagara Falls, seen from the American Side

Geneseo Family Weekend 2018. It was a Friday morning and my family was visiting me at school and I was very excited. It had been a full month since I was home and had seen them. At the ripe time of about 6:00 AM they woke up to drive four hours just to come and see me. Sweet of them right? We had some activities planned for the weekend and one I was particularly looking forward to was a trip to the small town of Niagara in Western New York.

I had never been to Niagara Falls before so this was a big deal for me. First, we arrived on Goat Island and then went to the lookout area. Words I would use to describe what I saw next include: Awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping, spectacular, and I forgot the others because I was speechless. Later that day we took a boat tour on The Maid of the Mist that brings you to the bottom of the falls which was my favorite. For those who haven’t been, you are really missing out. Pictures do not do it justice.          — Katelyn Daniels