A Wishful Early Bird

I’ve never been a morning person. Never. My parents had to drag me out of bed when I was younger so I could make it to school before the 7:40am bell rang. But I’ve always wanted to be a morning person. Specifically, I’ve always wanted to be one of those people to get up at 5:00am and work out so, that’s exactly what I did this summer. I would set my alarm for 5:06am (I am very weird about what time I set my alarms at) and I would run to my gym, which was about a mile away, then continue my workout inside. I’m not much of a runner so one mile was good enough for me. On my short run, I would get to clear my mind and just enjoy the nature that little Fredonia had to offer. I would pass squirrels running around the plush green grass and look up to see birds perched on the telephone lines. I fell in love with that run and I miss it everyday I’m here. I guess I’d label myself as a “wishful early bird,” I enjoy getting up early and wish I did it more often but I will gleefully sleep in any chance I get. That being said, I did get up early this morning, the earliest I’ve gotten up since mid-August, to register for classes and went for a walk afterwards. That walk reminded me of my runs; I saw the same sights as back home and it really calmed me down. It’s exactly what I needed after a morning full of stress. I don’t know if the walk will be as calming everyday but it’s worth a shot.          — Rachel