Introducing the Mariana Snailfish!

We are excited to announce the official scientific name for the Mariana snailfish, one of the planet’s deepest-living fishes.

Mariana snailfish in situ.
Mariana Snailfish from nearly 26,000 ft deep in the Mariana Trench, Photo by Alan Jamieson, University of Aberdeen.

Pseudoliparis swirei Gerringer & Linley 2017

Drawing of the Mariana Snailfish by Thomas Linley
Illustration of the Mariana Snailfish. By Thomas Linley, Newcastle University.

Watch them swim in the trench in this great video from the University of Aberdeen!

Check out the description open access in Zootaxa here.

Mariana snailfish, collected at sea.
Photo of Pseudoliparis swirei, caught in the Mariana Trench. By Mackenzie Gerringer, University of Washington.

And media coverage by National Geographic, Newsweek, and more!

CT scan of Mariana snailfish.
A CT scan of the Mariana snailfish. The green shape, a small crustacean, is seen in the snailfish’s stomach. Adam Summers/University of Washington

Official Press Release

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