Milne Library Publishing Partners with SUNY Press

In November 2021 Milne Library Publishing announced the release of the online textbook Gendered Lives: Global Issues, edited by Nadine T. Fernandez and Katie Nelson. Geneseo’s Melanie A. Medeiros contributed the chapter “Intersectionality and Normative Masculinity in Northeast Brazil.”

This was the first OER that Milne has published in partnership with SUNY Press. Gendered Lives was one of seven SUNY OER Services-funded creation projects in 2018-19, two of which went on to work with SUNY Press for formal publication. SUNY Press partnered with Milne Library Publishing to provide the free and accessible online versions of these texts alongside the print versions. Milne Library has been publishing open textbooks since 2014 and has a reputable history of producing high quality texts that give students better access to their learning materials. 

Gendered Lives takes a regional approach to examine gender issues from an anthropological perspective with a focus on globalization and intersectionality. Chapters present contributors’ ethnographic research, contextualizing their findings within four geographic regions: Latin America, the Caribbean, South Asia, and the Global North. Each regional section begins with an overview of the broader historical, social, and gendered contexts, which situate the regions within larger global linkages. These introductions also feature short project/people profiles that highlight the work of community leaders or non-governmental organizations active in gender-related issues. Gendered Lives: Global Issues can be read online. The affordable print version is available from SUNY Press

The second text that is part of this partnership is Introduction to LGBTQ+ Studies: A Cross-Disciplinary Approachedited by Deborah P. Amory, Sean G. Massey, Jennifer Miller, and Allison P. Brown. Geneseo’s James Aimers contributed the chapter “Queer New World: Challenging Heteronormativity in Archaeology.” This text is forthcoming; the online version will be released in late May 2022, while the print version will follow later this summer. 

Introduction to LGBTQ+ Studies: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach offers accessible, academically sound information on a wide range of LGBTQ+ topics. The twelve chapters cover LGBTQ history, culture, and Queer Theory, but also explore LGBTQ+ relationships, families, parenting, health, and education, as well as a chapter on how to conduct research on LGBTQ+ topics. Finally, it explores LGBTQ+ issues from the ancient world to more contemporary global perspectives. It will be the first open textbook in this subject area to be published.