Lock-down Learning about Open

by Amanda Wentworth

The open community has swiftly responded to this crisis by putting together webinars and community calls to connect and guide current and hopeful open practitioners through the shocking interruption of face-to-face instruction.

Resources included in this section were selected by Open Services Committee members based on their relevancy, and have already been presented. You will find information and links below to each presentation to review what was discussed.

Resilient Digital Materials for Teaching and Learning: Copyright and Open Education Strategies Webinar Series

As teachers are making an emergency shift to online education, one component of that struggle is navigating concerns around copyright when finding digital teaching materials. This webinar series addressed that both from K-12 and Higher Education perspectives. 

Finding Teaching Materials for Fall 2020 and Beyond: 

Originally presented on April 24, 03:00 PM ET: Evaluating Resilient Digital Teaching and Learning Materials from Open and Commercial Sources for College and University Teaching (Including Finding Materials and Evaluating Licensing)

Webinar Recording: https://youtu.be/2gvnE22rm98

View slides here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1bxhUHli5iXIWHXhV5qcnLFM9mwuAwBJAfunr7rLDJ40/edit?usp=sharing

Universal Design

Originally presented on May 8, 12:00 PM ET: Ensuring Equitable Access to Education in the Transition to Online Teaching and Learning for Students with Disabilities and Vulnerable Students

Webinar Recording will be posted soon here: https://www.wcl.american.edu/impact/initiatives-programs/pijip/impact/best-practices-in-fair-use/best-practices-in-fair-use-for-open-educational-resources/

“New to online teaching?”

Originally presented on April 17 by Barbara Illowsky: Canvas and Blackboard course cartridges to adapt and adopt for OpenStax, OER and traditional texts .

Webinar Recording: https://bit.ly/ILLOWSKY_4-16-20

Open Pedagogy with Faculty & Students

Originally presented on April 8th, 3 pm EDT: Hear about the learning benefits from faculty and students who have participated in open pedagogy projects enabled through the adoption of open education resources and open practices. Learn how students working with instructional designers and librarians have begun to help faculty adopt, create and implement open content across their campus.

Webinar Recording: https://www.cccoer.org/webinar/april-8-open-pedagogy-with-faculty-students/

Building Successful OER Advocacy through Partnership with Students

Originally presented on April 27, 2 pm EDT: Students have always been a central part of the push towards open educational resources (OER). As important stakeholders on campus, students can be powerful voices for advocacy, marketing, and OER implementation, but building student partnerships can also come with unique challenges. In this webinar, Cailyn Nagle, Affordable Textbooks Campaign Director for the Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) and Will Cross, Director, Copyright & Digital Scholarship Center for North Carolina State Libraries, will introduce strategies for building sustainable student partnerships that can improve your OER work including:

– Moving from transactional models of working with students to partnerships

-Building sustainability into projects

-Avoiding common pitfalls of working with students

Grounded in real examples from practice, participants will come away with key next steps and considerations for opening up OER work to the student community.

[Due to technical difficulties, this webinar could not be recorded. Please see the slide deck below.]

Slide deck: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16W4zqB7fk81MxCNVK0PE89VdV-K6WWsL/view?usp=sharing

Open Cooking

by Allison Brown

Because of extra time at home and low stock at grocery stores, social distancing has created more home cooks than ever. Did you know that Milne has a whole ebook collection of local cookbooks in our Geneseo Valley Historical Reprints series? Try your hand at historical classics like election cakes (Genesee Valley Cook Book p 71) floating islands (Golden Links Cookbook, p 49), or something called “Curly Peters” (Contributed Recipes, p 6). 

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Open in the News

by Jonathan Grunert

In the COVID-19 crisis, Open has been in education news, largely related to limited-time free access to various tools and platforms. One of the most prominent stories has been the creation of the National Emergency Library by Archive.org, with the suspension of waitlisting for many of its books. Others, like Springer Publishing, are making their open access materials more easily discoverable.

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