SUNY Create

SUNY Create is a Domain of One’s Own initiative established by a small cohort of SUNY campuses that is rapidly growing across the system. Available to both students as well as professional and teaching faculty, SUNY Create provides the opportunity to register a domain name and create a digital presence through various mediums such as blogs, portfolios, and wikis. Participants can easily install open source applications such as WordPress, MediaWiki, Drupal, Scalar, and Omeka to one’s own domain, and use this space to create one’s digital identity and express creativity. With a mission to promote web literacy, digital identity, and ownership over one’s digital content, SUNY Create gives users the tools and guidance they need to participate in responsible, critical digital citizenship.

The First Year Chronicles is a project run out of Geneseo’s Center for Digital Learning in collaboration with several INTD105 professors to incorporate self-reflective blogging into each course. We chose Geneseo OpenLab as the platform for the project. This WordPress multisite platform is unique in the way that it provides each user with their own WordPress site as a subdomain of the larger Geneseo OpenLab multisite. Beyond each user having a WordPress site, Geneseo OpenLab provides a dedicated site to each group that is set up on the multisite, which could be an Organization, a Course, or a Project. Geneseo’s OpenLab installation is made possible through SUNY Create.

If you’re interested in learning more about SUNY Create or getting involved, please contact Amanda Schmidt at