OER Creation Support at Fraser Hall Library

Creating your own open educational resource might sound intimidating, but did you know that you can get support at every step at Fraser Hall Library? The Library’s publishing services, part of the Collection Management department, handles many open access publications, but also supports faculty in the creation of OER. To get in touch with us about OER support, please fill out the simple form at https://www.geneseo.edu/library/oer-services

Whether you are starting from scratch or retooling some classroom materials that you want to share with other colleges and universities, we can help from the beginning. We consult on the format, timeline, and tools used for the project and help make a project plan.

We offer support with finding media that is openly licensed, and citing that media properly. We can facilitate peer review—whether it be a formal blind peer review or a more informal and collaborative review. We can also have the manuscript proofread by qualified volunteers.

Formatting and preparing a text for final publication can be frustrating and time consuming. To help with this process we staff student publication assistants to take your project from the manuscript stage to the final layout. Our layout process also focuses on accessibility, so your final product will be fully accessible to your students. And lastly, we maintain stable websites where your work can be accessed by students for free, and, if appropriate, create a printed version that can be easily ordered online. 

KnightScholar, Geneseo’s institutional repository, can also support OER work. In addition to housing open textbooks, students, faculty, and staff can deposit their OER creations and adaptations into KnightScholar. Student work can be a useful means for creating open educational resources for future classes to use, and KnightScholar can become an open educational space.