What is the Open Services Committee?

Incorporating Open Educational Resources (OER) into classroom instruction allows students and faculty to search, publish, and share content to improve usability and fair opportunities. In its mission to promote OER and related open practices, the Open Services Committee (OSC) at SUNY Geneseo provides services and hosts several events throughout the academic year. 

Open events and services provided by the OSC include:

  • Open Access Week, typically held mid- to late-October.
  • Open Education Week, typically held at the beginning of March.
  • Openly Available Sources Integrated Search (OASIS) streamlines the OER search by providing instructors with one central location from which to identify, discover, and access Open material they can incorporate into their courses.
  • Webinars and blog posts that inform the Geneseo community about current Open practices and activity at Geneseo. You’ll find our posts on the Fraser Hall (previously Milne) Library blog.
  • Instructional help from committee members and liaison librarians for finding open educational materials on the web and incorporating open materials onto a LibGuide for your course. You can request OER help on the library website.
  • Reviewing proposals for new publications to be published by Milne Library Publishing. The committee evaluates new proposals for publication with our imprints Milne Open Textbooks and Geneseo Authors.
  • And….. this OER Symposium! This event is typically held exclusively at Geneseo each May. Historically held in-person, due to the pandemic, we began the OER Symposium virtual newsletter in 2020. The goal of this newsletter is to keep you (and us!) connected with each other and the latest news and information on OER in lieu of a face-to-face meet up during a busy time of the semester.

The current membership of the committee is:

  • William Jones (chair), Digital Resources and Systems Librarian, Fraser Hall Library
  • Allison Brown, Digital Publishing Services Manager, Fraser Hall Library
  • Joe Dolce, Senior Instructional Designer, Computing & Information Technology
  • Teddy Gyamfi, Evening Access Services Manager, Fraser Hall Library
  • Sedar Ngoma, Assistant Professor, Mathematics
  • Amanda Schmidt, Digital Humanities and Learning Coordinator, Center for Digital Learning

For more information on how to get in touch with us, visit https://www.geneseo.edu/library/oer-services, and to learn more about Open Education at Geneseo, check out our Open Educational Resources for Faculty LibGuide.