#TechTipThursday: Managing A Learner’s “I” Grade

As we approach the end of a semester in higher education, the teaching and learning environment frequently experiences renewed focus on academic achievement. Conversations revolve around the availability of extra credit, final exams or seminar presentations, and the seemingly never-ending hours spent studying or grading in far greater frequency in the latter half of a semester than the former. While these topics may play a role in the lives of many within the teaching and learning environment, there are countless influences on a learner’s ability to complete course requirements. “A temporary grade of ‘I’ (incomplete) may be awarded when a student has been unable to complete a course due to circumstances beyond his, her, or their control” (2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin, SUNY Geneseo). Prior to awarding an incomplete, learners and faculty should be aware of institutional policies surrounding the grade and are encouraged to consult SUNY Geneseo’s 2018-2019 Undergraduate Bulletin for more information; this post highlights Canvas-based considerations for faculty when awarding an “I” (incomplete) grade.

Academic courses are affiliated with the specific term (e.g., fall, spring) in which they are offered, regardless of modality (i.e., online, hybrid, face-to-face). Similarly, instructors who award incomplete grades work with receiving learners to develop a timeline for course completion. Teaching and learning within a learning management system adds another layer for consideration as the logistics of a learner’s Incomplete Grade Agreement plan are determined.

Members of the Canvas Support team at SUNY Geneseo are available to assist with any of the following actions, whether for one or a subset of learners:

Should you encounter difficulty or develop questions surrounding the management of a learner’s “I” grade in Canvas, please contact the Canvas Support team by email (canvas@geneseo.edu) or through the Canvas Hotline at 585.245.6000 (weekdays 8AM – 4PM).

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